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Soma, a brand name for the prescription medication carisoprodol, is a muscle relaxant legally prescribed for relief from spasms and muscle injuries. Buy Soma online as it is very effective in dealing with the muscle related injuries and discomfort.

What are the side effects of Soma addiction?

The side effects that occur due to addiction to this drug are more likely to show up in individuals who are addicts taking it in creased amounts than recommended. Given below are the symptoms of the side effects linked with addiction to Soma 500mg.

  1. Nagging headaches
  2. Occurrence of seizures
  3. Extreme drowsiness and sleeping for extended periods of time
  4. Feeling dizzy to a degree that causes fainting and impairment
  5. Accelerated heart rate
  6. Allergic reactions such as hives and difficulty in breathing

What are the signs of soma addiction?

This medication may have been prescribed to you for treating some physical injury or trauma. Other people may simply try it in order to experience its sedative effects. Irrespective of how they began taking this drug, they may develop dependence on its analgesic effects long after the injury has healed. 

Addicts long for higher amounts of the drug due to its painkilling properties. They will also take it in combination with other medications to increase its effects. Some of the symptoms that may surface as a result of you being dependent and addicted to the drug are listed below:

  1. Ingesting soma more frequently than prescribed by the doctor
  2. Regular bouts of illness and irritability
  3. Not taking the medicine as recommended by the medical practitioner
  4. Aggressive drug-seeking behavior, for example, shopping from doctor to doctor for a prescription
  5. Ingesting soma together with other medications like diazepam, hydrocodone, alcohol and heroin
  6. Feeling sick on discontinuing the use of this drug

If any of the above mentioned symptoms show up or worsen with time, get in touch with your doctor without delay.

How long withdrawal symptoms last?

The time duration for which withdrawal symptoms last is dependent on how long the medicine stays in your system. On an average, many individuals process it in approximately eleven hours. This implies that the drug is completely eliminated from your body within that time. 

The withdrawal reactions may show up within six hours of taking the last dose. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms may increase until the third day, after which they will start showing signs of improvement. However, you must bear in mind that these unpleasant symptoms may even last for a week. Buy Soma 500mg in order to effectively deal with the muscle pain and related discomfort.

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